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eHFM Series High Flow Filter Cartridges

Use: Used in Reverse Osmosis Pre Filtration, Various Process Fluid, Process Water and Waste Water.
Content :
PP media and support 6” diameter pleated multilayer filter cartridges.
Large filtration area and high dirt hold capacity.
Various length, combined with adjustable flange to retrofit the bag filter.
• Thermal welding technology.
• Free of adhesives and surfactants.
• Removal efficiency is over 99.9%.
• High temperature resistance and wide chemical compatibility.
• Stainless Steel 316L handle for easy change out.


Ordering Information

 Filter Media  Pleated Polypropylene
 Support Material  Polypropylene
 Cage and End Caps  Polypropylene
 Diameter  6”/152mm
 Length  16”, 26” and 40”
 Removal Ratings  1μm to 150μm
 Maximum Operating Temperature  60℃
 Maximum Differential Pressure  2.5 bar at 20℃
Please consult Pureach® sales or local dealers.