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RP Industrial Oil Filter Elements

Use:Widely used in purification of various oil filter and purification.

- RP series filter elements have standard metal hardware and coreless elements.
- Filter Medium:  Fixed Pore Glass Fiber
Support:  Polyester & Nylon Mesh
- Standard elements:  Corrosion protected steel end caps & core
Coreless elements:  Reinforced polymer end caps
- Seal Material:  Nitrile and Fluorocarbon
- Removal Rating:  1, 3, 5, 7, 12 and 22 μm @ Beta 1000
Product Series:  8300/8400/8900//9600/8304/8314/8904/9604 and Others

Industrial Oil Filter

​Special Oil Filter

Ordering Information

RP22  series filter elements  / RHP22 series filter elements / RP47 series filter elements / RP62 series filter elements / 
RP74 series filter elements /  RP75 series filter elements / RP82 series filter elements / RP83 series filter elements / 

RP84 series filter elements /  RP89 series filter elements / RP90 series filter elements / RP91 series filter elements /
RP94 series filter elements / RP96 series filter elements  / RP96 series filter elements / RP97 series filter elements / 

RP98 series filter elements / RP619 series filter elements
High Pressure Differential Filter:
- RHP90 series filter elements 
- RHP96 series filter elements
- RHP98 series filter elements
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