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Inkleen FDF Point of Use Disc Filters

Use:  Used for testing new ink formulations and conducting printing trials.
Inkleen FDF series disc filter is specially designed for digital printing systems. Installed in front of printhead to ensure printhead protection from contamination.
It is used together with other larger capsule filters in large digital printing system ensure optimum printer performance.
FDF disc filter is also used for testing new ink formulations and conducting printing trials.
Inkleen FDF filter adopts Polypropylene hardware material and Polypropylene filter media which has high dirt hold capability.
It provides superior flow rate, low clean differential pressure and excellent retention efficiency.
All of filter media are flushed with ultrapure water to prevent particles unloading.
Stainless Steel fiber filter media is available to meet the wide chemical compatibility.



Ordering Information

Large effective filtration area can meet the various flow rate, excellent gel retention and preventing printhead plug.
Wide chemical compatibility.
Negligible UV light penetration into the filer assembly helps prevent modified and curing of UV sensitive material in the ink.
Low internal ink hold up volume reduces ink loss and speed up the ink system priming cycles.
Thermal bonding sealing is free of binders, surfactants and chemical releasing to avoid secondary pollution.
Inlet and outlet Luer connectors minimized the chance of leakage and fast filter changes.
ISO9001,ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.
 Housing  Polypropylene with TiO2
 Filter Media  Polypropylene and Stainless Steel Fiber
 Filtration Area  7.5 cm²
Max Operating Pressure¹
 2 barg @ 20 ℃
 30 psig @ 68 ℉
1 Solvents may not swell or soften the filter material.
Please consult Pureach® sales or local dealers.