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Windmill Gearbox Filter Cartridges

Use : Windmill gearbox lubricating oil the filtration improving cleanliness and increasing reliability.
Content :
RP series windmill gearbox filter elements are made by pleated Glass Fiber and Stainless Steel Mesh filter media.The fluid is filtered through Glass Fiber filter media in normal operation and through Stainless Steel Mesh filtermedia under low temperature, high viscosity or high differential pressure.
•  Automatic differential pressure valve can switch different filter media by setting of differential pressure to avoid filter damage.
•  High efficient resin bonded glass fiber filter media has high dirt hold capacity, fixed pore structure and non-media migration.
•  Various removal ratings.
•  High strength Polyester support material and outer helical wrap ensure the consistent strength and filtration area.
•  Various dimensions for all kind of windmill gearbox and can replace all kind of filters.


Ordering Information

 Resin Bonded Glass Fiber Filter Media + Mixed Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Media
 Core & End Cap  Coated Metal / Nylon / Stainless Steel
 Removal Ratings / Glass Fiber Media  3, 5, 7,10,12 and 22μm
 Removal Ratings / Stainless Steel Mesh Media  50μm
Please consult Pureach sales and service staff or look in the catalogue!

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