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eHF PM Series PP Meltblown High Flow Filter Cartridges

Use:   Power Plant Various Process Fluid, Feed Water, Condensation Water and Cooling Water, Waste Water, etc.
eHF PM series high flow filter cartridges are melt blown depth pure Polypropylene large diameter filter. The filters are consist of multi layer filter media and have gradient pore structure which increase the dirt hold capacity and extend the filter service life.
•Thermal welding technology, Adhesives and surfactants free
• Melt blown PP multi layer depth filter
• Removal efficiency is over 99%
• High temperature resistance and wide chemical compatibility


Ordering Information

 Filter Media
 Melt blown Polypropylene Fiber
 Support Material  Polypropylene End Caps
 Diameter  6”/152mm
 Length  20”, 40”, 60 and 80”
 Removal Ratings  3μm to 75μm
 Maximum Operating Temperature 
 Maximum Differential Pressure  2 bar at 20℃
Please consult Pureach® sales or local dealers.

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