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Inkleen MCF Mini Capsule Filter

Use:  Inkleen Mini Capsule Filter(MCF) is widely used in ink jet printers
Inkleen Mini Capsule Filter(MCF) is widely used in ink jet printers.
Compact design and excellent filtration performance ensure the use of all types of printers and high quality printing performance.
Robust and thick wall structure and thermal injection mold connectors to enhance mechanical strength of filters and serves various high pressure digital printing system.
All thermal welded construction does not contain any adhesive and surfactant.



Ordering Information

Pleated filter media and high dirt hold capacity to meet various flow requirements and prevent penetration of gel particulates.
UV resistance shell (optional) to prevent UV light penetration and avoid the curing of UV sensitive compounds in the ink.
Low hold up volume reduces ink waste and ensure the fast start up of ink system.
Compact design and Jaco fitting ensure easy change out and minimize ink waste.
All parts are 100% Ultrapure water flushing to avoid the secondary contamination caused by filter media migration.
ISO9001,ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.
 Shell  Polypropylene
 Filter Media  Polypropylene
 Inlet and Outlet  1/4” , 1/8” Jaco
 Maximum Operating Pressure  6.5 barg / 94 psig
 Maximum Operating Temperature  50 ℃ / 122 ℉
Please consult Pureach® sales or local dealers.