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AP21 Series Oil Purifier

Use :  Developed for processing fire resistant oil, decrease acid value and increase resistivity.
Content :
AP21 has two main functions which are to remove water, gas and particles from oil and regenerate the oil (decrease acid value and increase resistivity).
- Remove 100% of free water and 95% of dissolved water.
- Remove 100% of free gas and 90% of dissolved gas.
- Acid value of oil is less than 0.1mg KOH/g (or increase resistivity).
- Automatic operating control.
AP21 is consist of main frame, vacuum degassing unit, high efficiency filter, ion exchange resin module and electric control system.
AP21 has mobile type and permanent installation type.



Ordering Information

 Net Weight  ( kg )


 OverallDimension   ( mm )

1,200 (L)  * 750 (W) * 1,463 (H)

 Flow Rate  ( L/min )

20  L/min   (Oil reducing acid regeneration flow rate is 3.6 L/min)

 TotalPower  ( kW)



Phosphate oil

 Maximum Viscosity(cSt)


 Temperature Range  (°C )

-10 to70

 Inlet / Outlet

G1" External screw thread / G1" External screw thread

 Inlet Pressure    (barg)

-0.4 to 4.0


 Maximum Pressure (barg)


 Normal Operating Vacuum(barg)

-0.7 to -0.9

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