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eFlonS Hydrophobic PTFE Filter Cartridges

Use: Used in Bacteria, Gas, Sterile Inlet Air, Breathing Exhaust Filtration, Clean Air, Compressed Air and others.
Content :
eFlonS filter cartridges are constructed of pleated Hydrophobic PTFE membrane and PP nonwoven support and sealed by advanced thermal welding technology.
• Specialized in air and gas sterilization.
• Inherently hydrophobic membrane has high removal efficiency even in the presence of moisture.
• Absolute rating grade ensure the remove of bacteria and virus.
• High temperature resistance can achieve steam sterilization in situ (SIP).
• 100% Integrity tested.


Ordering Information

 Media  Hydrophobic PTFE
 Support  Thermal consolidated PP nonwoven material
 Hardware  PP
 Diameter  2.7″ (69mm)
 Length  5″, 10″, 20″, 30″ and 40″
 Removal Rating  0.1, 0.2 μm in Liquid and 0.01μm in Gas
 Temperature of Steam Sanitizing  120 ℃ / 30min
 Maximum Differential Pressure  0.4 MPa @ 60℃
 Filtration Area / 10” Cartridge  Approximately 0.8 m²
Please consult Pureach® sales or local dealers.