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eHF Series High Flow Filter Cartridges

Use: Used in RO Pre-Filtration, Various Process Water, Process Fluid and Cooling Water
Content :
PP media and support with 6″ diameter pleated filter cartridges.
Large filtration area and high dirt hold capability provide high flow rate, small foot print, easy maintenance and cost saving.
• Advanced thermal welding technology and free of binders, adhesives and surfactants.
• Filtration flow direction is inside to outside and easy maintenance.
• Exterior reinforced cage ensure the strength of filter cartridge and prevent deformation of filter media.
• Superior high temperature resistance and wide chemical compatibility.
• Manufactured in certified clean room.


Ordering Information


 100% PP fiber

 Support Materials

 PP and Nonwoven material;   Cage, Core and End Caps are PP




 20”, 40″ and 60″. 

 Flow Rate  40″40″ cartridge is 80m³/h or more.
 Maximum operating temperature  70℃
 Maximum Differential Pressure  3bar at 20℃
Please consult Pureach® sales or local dealers.