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EcoFINE Series Filter Cartridges

Use: Designed for Fine Filtration of Beer.
EcoFINE series filter cartridges are designed for the fine filtration after diatomite filtration and the pre-filtration of draft beer’s sterilization and filtration in order to further removal residual particles and yeast cell in beer. It reduces the load of
microorganism, improve cleanness and brightness of beer and non-biological stability.
EcoFINE series filter cartridges are made by pure PP core and cage, pleated depth PP filter media with large filtration area and thermal melt welding technology.
High-strength construction, high dirt hold capacity and long service life.
EcoFINE series filter cartridges are free additive and surfactants. PP material meets the requirements of FDA and Chinese water sanitation standards.
• Cleaning in place (CIP) and sterilization by hot water (85℃).
• Melt-blown filter media ensures uniform and stable removal rate even the flow and pressure are changed.
• Double O-ring connection guarantees safety.


Ordering Information

Removal Rating
Fine filtration of Beer: 1μm,3μm
Particle collection filtration: 10μm
Filter media: Pleated Polypropylene melt blown fiber
Support material: Polypropylene
O-ring: 226 / Silicon rubber or Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR)
Outer diameter: 2.75” (69.5mm)
Length: 20” (508mm), 30” (762mm) and 40” (1,016mm)
Please consult Pureach® sales or local dealers.