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CondenPURE-S Back Flush String Wound Filter Element

Use:Fossil and Nuclear Condensate Filtration, Back Flush Resin Pre-Coating System.


CondenPURE-S filter elements are used for conventional back flush resin pre-coating system to remove ionic contaminants and iron oxides from condensate.

• Filter elements are made by stainless steel core and the yarn is wound onto the core in a precise repetitive pattern and use continuous strands of fibers that will not pull apart during back flush.

• The stainless steel core is cleaned, pickled, passivated and rinsed with de-mineralized water.

• Use continuous filament yarn for added durability.

• No fiber deterioration or migration.

• PP filament yarn is thoroughly washed by pure water to remove all lubricants, soaps  and other residues and inspected and subjected to a foam test to insure that it is clean

• Superior high temperature resistance.  



Ordering Information

 Filter Media  Continuous filament PP yarn media  (Surface area : 0.28m² each)
 Support  Stainless Steel 304 inner core
 Connection  1-3/16” (-24) external thread;   Top screw bolt ¼”-20
 Diameter  2” (Approx.  51mm)
 Length  60” and 70”
 Removal Rating


• Max. operating temperature : 80℃.

• Max. differential pressure : 3bar @ 65℃.

• Recommended flow rate : 3m³/h each

Air-Water Back flush Strength:

Compressed air:  2.0 ~ 3.0m³/h,  Water:  4.5~6.5 L/min.

Pressure for each filter element:  1.5 ~ 2.0bar.

Please consult Pureach® sales or local dealers.

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