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MicroPES Series Filter Cartridges

Use: Used in Final Filtration of Various Process Water such as Bottled Water, Beer, Wine and Syrup,High Precision and Sterilization Filtration of Various Fluid.
MicroPES filter cartridges are High Asymmetric Polyethersulfone (PES) pleated membrane filter which sealed by advanced thermal welding technology. Cartridges are free of binders, adhesives and surfactants.
• High flow rate and low pressure drop.
• High temperature resistance and wide chemical compatibility;
• All of plastic components tested pass USP VI - 121℃.
• All materials are FDA listed for food contact.
• Absolute rating / LRV>10⁷.
• 100% Integrity tested.
• Electronics grade filter cartridges are flushed with Ultrapure Water.


Ordering Information

 Filter Medium  High Asymmetric PES
 Support  Thermal Consolidated PP Non Woven Material
 Hardware  Polypropylene
 Diameter  2.7″ (69 mm)
 Length  10″, 20″, 30″and 40″
 Filtration Area  Approximately 0.7m²
 Minimum Bubble Point  0.1 μm: > 0.15 MPa in 60/40 IPA/Water
 0.2 μm: > 0.30 MPa in Water
 0.45 μm: > 0.20 MPa in Water
 Maximum Differential Pressure  0.1 μm: 0.40 MPa at 25℃
 0.2 μm: 0.40 MPa at 25℃
 0.45 μm: 0.40 MPa at 25℃
 Sterilization Temperature  Hot water: 85 ℃
 Steam: 121℃ / 30min
 Maximum Operating Temperature  85℃ / 0.2MPa
Please consult Pureach® sales or local dealers.