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RWH83 Series Oil Filter Assemblies for Wind Power Generator

Use :  Used for installing windmill filter elements.
Content :
•  Easy open and close cover handle.
•  Main parts are made from aluminum alloy with light weight and good appearance.
•  Thread connection between head and body without welding.
•  Patented double O-ring seal and self locking nut increase sealing reliability.
•  Detachable housing body for easy maintenance.
•  Out to in flow direction and full inside support prevent filter collapse.
•  Anti backflow valve installed housing head prevents reverse flow.


Ordering Information

 Maximum Flow Rate  1,200 L/min
 Maximum Operating Pressure  28 bar
 Burst Pressure  145 bar
 Element Collapse Pressure  12 bar
 Port Size  2″and 2 1/2 ″
 Bypass Valve Opening Pressure  4±0.4 bar
 Alarm Value of Differential Pressure Indicator  3±0.3 bar
 Temperature Range  Low Temperature Nitrile O-ring

 -50℃ to 135℃

 Discharge Outlet ;  Bypass Valve
Please consult Pureach® sales or local dealers.