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PLF Liquid/Liquid Coalescer

Use : Oil / water separation,Water removal filtration of turbine oil in power station,Lubrication with high water content, water removal filtration of hydraulic oil
Content :

• PLF series liquid/liquid coalescers are designed for separating free water in turbine oil.

• High-efficiency coalescing media merges a small drop of liquid into big drop of liquid. The droplets gather and get bigger with the changes of filter media, while the liquid is flowing through filter media. Bigger droplets are separated from liquid, thus separation and purification can be achieved in different liquid.

• Effective coalescence and separation can be carried out in the oil fluid with 10000PPM water content. The efficiency is 99%.



Ordering Information

 Filter Media
 High-efficiency coalescing media, glass fiber
 Support  High-strength wire mesh support, coated inner frame with carton   steel
 Diameter  6”(152mm)
 Length  40”
 O-ring  Fluororubber or Nitrile rubber
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