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eHF Series High Flow Filter Cartridges

Use:  Power Plant Feed Water, Condensation Water and Cooling Water, etc.
PP media and support with 6″ diameter pleated filter cartridges. 

Large filtration area and high dirt hold capability provide high flow rate, small foot print, easy maintenance and cost saving.

• Advanced thermal welding technology and free of binders, adhesives and surfactants.

• Filtration flow direction is inside to outside and easy maintenance.

• Exterior reinforced cage ensure the strength of filter cartridge and prevent deformation of filter media.

• Superior high temperature resistance and wide chemical compatibility.

• Manufactured in certified clean room.



Ordering Information


 100% PP fiber

 Support Materials

 PP and Nonwoven material;   Cage,Core and End Caps are PP




 20”, 40″ and 60″

 Flow Rate
 40″ cartridge is 80m³/h
 Maximum Operating Temperature   70℃
 Maximum Differential Pressure  3bar at 20℃

Please consult Pureach® sales or local dealers.

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