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CondenPURE-HT High Temperature Resistance Back Flush String Wound Filter Element

Use:  Back Flush high temperature water filtration system.
CondenPURE-HT specifically forback Flush high temperature water filtration system.(Can also be used for filtration and purification of other corrosive fluids).

•  Stainless Steel 304 inner core and special high temperature fiber manufacturing.
•  Use continuous filament yarn for added durability, No fiber deterioration or migration
•  PP filament yarn is thoroughly washed by pure water.
•  Superior high temperature resistance,Max. operating temperature : 80℃.
•  Max. differential pressure :0.30MPa.
•  Recommended flow rate : 3m³/h each.


Ordering Information

 Filter Media
 Special continuous filament PP yarn media (Surface area : 0.28m² each)
 Support  Stainless Steel 304 inner core
 Connection  1-3/16” (-24) external thread;   Top screw bolt ¼”-20
 Diameter  2” (Approx.  51mm)
 Length  50” , 60” and 70”
 Removal Rating  5μm 
Please consult Pureach® sales or local dealers.

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