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CondenPURE Condensate Back Flush Pleated Filter Element

Use:  Power Plant Condensate Back Flush System, Start (Removal Rating: 10μm) and Running (Removal Rating: 1 μm or 4 μm ).

CondenPURE filter elements are designed for filtration without powdered resins in power plant condensate back flush system.

•  Filter element constructed with pure PP material. The media supported on both side by PP support layers and manufactured by advanced thermal welding technology.

•  Pleated large filtration area provides high dirt hold capacity, low pressure drop and long service life.

•  >99% of high particle removal efficiency and Ferric Oxide and insoluble Copper retention. 

•  No additives, Talc, TiO2 and surfactants

•  Max. Operating Temperature : 80℃.


Ordering Information

 Filter Media  P (Polypropylene)

 PP High-strength super thin wire mesh

 PP Core and Cage

 PP End caps and SST304 top screw bolt

 Diameter  2.55” (65mm)
 Length  60”, 70” and 80” 

Please consult Pureach® sales or local dealers.

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